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Professional Development

Who is it for?
Educators (teachers and preschool directors)…


STEM – Birthday & Events

Who is it for?
Families & parents that want to book our services for children 2 – 8 years old…

Educational Workshops

Who is it for?
For the educator, we come to your location and provide educational workshops for your students walking age and up…


Invite and encourage play for a sustained period of time deepening the value of children’s discoveries.


Motivate young students to make connections by investigating and asking questions.


Facilitate the growth of curiosity. As children are “natural scientists”, elevate hands-on play establishing a strong foundation for learning.

In an open-ended learning environment, the child is not bound by a set of rules or instructions. At Dream Big Science and Art we approach learning in a different way. While our methodology has a scope and objective, this is the fundamental difference to our learning approach.

Fosters Imagination95%
Awakens Instinct99%
Builds Motor & Social Skills90%

Open Ended Play

For Creativity & initiative,
Critical thinking & problem solving,
Self confidence & social skills,
Cooperation & collaboration.

Training for Educators

Our trained workshop leaders guide and support students through STEM play, that will lay the foundation for future academic success.

For Parents & Families

Combining science, art and fun we tailor each event to your child’s specific preferences. Ask us about our family workshops.

STEM Learning

Can further leadership qualities, creative, social, language and cognitive capacities of young children. We believe that children build  their own knowledge.

Institutions We Serve

In the Greater Los Angeles Area, Schools, libraries, camps (public and private) and various organizations. We come to you!


You can book us to do the workshop or we can train you to bring our STEM program in-house and apply it yourself with your students.


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