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Collaborative Art

Collaborative Art Activities for Children

Collaborative art is a fantastic exploration for young children.  In addition to the creative aspect, it incorporates STEM concepts AND social emotional learning!  We are very happy to provide and... read more →

Self Doubt – Would You Jump?

The NY Times offers this fascinating and honest study of self doubt.  Sometimes, we are our own biggest obstacles.  As educators and parents, one of our jobs is to help... read more →

FREE Children’s Workshop

Today at the North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Branch - Los Angeles Public Library Library, we are having a FREE children's workshop!  For children walking age and above, this Dream... read more →

Great STEM Web Series!

We LOVE this great STEM web series by Joseph's Machines (and bet your kids will love it too!)!  It follows Jiwi, an inventor with a HUGE imagination! Also... there are... read more →

Calming Craft for Children

These can be a lifesaver... Another very calming craft for children from Preschool Inspirations! These CALM DOWN JARS are beautiful and mesmerizing.  They will calm a child (or an adult)... read more →

Imagination for ADULTS!

This one is for the ADULTS! That's you! Because as hard as we work to support and enhance children's lives, taking care of yourself is just as important. So that... read more →

Dream Big Science and Art STEM Space

IT'S HAPPENING... FINALLY! 😉  We signed a lease for the future Dream Big Science and Art STEM space. We will have children's workshops and birthday parties.  In addition, we will... read more →

Great Imaginology Kit Review!!

Check out James from TheChildhoodLife youtube channel as he reviews and plays with our Imaginology Kit!

Children and Phobias

Great article about children and how to manage and deal with their fears!


We are having a Labor Day Sale!!  10% Off ALL of our products on Amazon! Pick up our Deluxe Imaginology Kit HERE Pick up our Signature Imaginology Kit HERE

Get rid of some worry!

School is starting, and tensions are running high! Want to make things easier on yourself and your kids? PICK YOUR BATTLES! There are tips and tricks for cutting down on... read more →

Did You Forget Something?

There is so much to remember this time of year!  As schools begin to start up again and kids head back into classrooms, you don't want to forget the most... read more →

Turn Old Junk Into New Toys!

Has your child ever gotten to the point where they've played with EVERY toy they own? Vivian, owner and founder of Dream Big Science and Art, shows how one household... read more →

Beautiful Baby Photos!

Sometimes, you just need to look at some beautiful baby photos!

Talk to your kids!!

Words are powerful! Read about some great ones to say to your kids 🙂

Fourth of July SALE!

To celebrate the 4th of July weekend, we are offering 20% off all Imaginology items on Amazon!  Kick off the summer right, and be prepared for those moments when you... read more →

Down to Earth at Ascot Branch Library

We had an extremely successful Down to Earth workshop at Ascot Branch Library!  The children were thrilled with all of the incredible materials and activities, and they used their imaginations... read more →

An Unbelievable Video…

SUPPORT YOUR CHILD's IMAGINATION! There are no limits to what they can come up with! Check out this incredible video where one Dad takes a shot at showing us just... read more →


Our Imaginology Kits are officially on Amazon as a #1 New Release!  Pick yours up today RIGHT HERE with free shipping!!

Workshops at ECSTEM 2016

Our workshops were giant successes at ECSTEM this year.  We premiered our very first workshop in collaboration with REMO Drums, The Science of Sound, to a sold out crowd!  Everyone... read more →


We are so excited for ECSTEM this year, as Vivian Belmont is presenting two separate and amazing workshops!  One is Science of Sound with co-presenter John Fitzgerald of Remo Drums,... read more →

Para Los Ninos Felices Fiestas!

We will be at Para Los Ninos’s annual Felices Fiestas tomorrow, December 18, 2015, taking place at their Middle School at 835 Stanford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021 from 12:00... read more →

Give yourself a break!

Tired of all the fighting?  Do you feel warn out and exhausted by having the same arguments over and over?  Give yourself a break!  Children can be incredibly challenging, but... read more →

Nancy Carlsson-Paige is BRILLIANT!

*** WE COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!   "Naming letters and numbers is superficial and almost irrelevant in relation to the capacities we want to help children develop: self-regulation, problem solving... read more →

Vivian Opens Up About Her Vision

Vivian Belmont, creator and founder of Dream Big Science and Art, opens up about why she started Dream Big Science and Art.

Kid President!!?

Children are so important and can make such a difference, even at a very young age!  Here are some wise words to take into the weekend from the one and... read more →

Workshop at Dragonfly Dulou!

We had an incredibly successful and fun workshop this past weekend at Dragonfly DuLou!  Children and parents explored our magical materials and were mesmerized for hours!  Everyone played and discovered... read more →

It’s Not, “JUST PLAY!”

Just Playing By Anita Wadley When I am building in the block room, Please don’t say I’m “Just Playing.” For, you see, I’m learning as I play, About balance and... read more →

A Partnership Is Born!

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering up with Los Feliz's longtime establishment, Dragonfly DuLou!  Founders Lana Chirco-Baltz and Vivian Belmont are ready to make some BIG... read more →

Hard at Work for a PACKED FALL!

We're famous!  Click here to check us out in the October issue of the prestigious Los Feliz Ledger!  Our founder, Vivian Belmont, talks about the importance of open ended, simple objects... read more →

Revealing my BIG Dream…

I want to share something very close to my heart, a Big Dream of mine that all of us at Dream Big Science and Art are working towards.  Something I... read more →

How to be one of THE GREATS

When I was a new teacher, I just wanted the kids to like me.  I was funny, made them laugh, and I would select fun activities for them to do...... read more →

Put the A in STEAM

Fantastic article about the importance of Imagination in STEM education, deemed STEAM! It is important to have that A for Art in there!  The article is referring to higher education,... read more →

Thank you!! We did it!

WE DID IT!!!!! We surpassed the amount of votes needed to qualify for the next round in our attempt to be a recipient of the Chase Mission Main Street Grants!... read more →


I NEED YOUR HELP! We are applying for a Chase Grant and we need 250 votes for a chance to get our Dream Big Science and Art Center up and... read more →

Educators… You Are SO Important!

From ABC News, this principal didn't realize what a difference she made until this miracle happened.  Teaching is so much more than the facts you teach your students.  It is... read more →

Will your child be next…?

These women are wonderful success stories in the STEM world! Will your child be next?? MEET 12 WOMEN IN STEM WHO JUST BROKE THE GLASS CEILING By Macrina Cooper White... read more →

Beautiful Video and Great Advice

This is an incredibly beautiful video by Wavecrest Films showing just how physiologically and psychologically aware children are of their own emotions and their effects. It is yet another lesson... read more →

Thoughts on Open Ended Materials from the NAEYC

We love finding brilliant information out there for educators and parents!  Check out NAEYC's TYC article on encouraging children to work with open ended materials: Look, Listen and Learn read more →

Raffle winner!!

OUR RAFFLE IS OVER!  I was so thrilled to present Chelsea Huls of Thomas Edison Elementary with the S.T.E.A.M. Master Kit!  She is an amazing teacher and really articulated beautifully... read more →

What Doesn’t Kill You…

“It’s always the person who thinks things are easy that finds them the hardest in the end...The way to see it: everything is potentially tricky.” - The Tao Te Ching... read more →

Something to Think About…

Respecting our children means taking the time to truly look at the work they have done and not just throw out adjectives that in the end turn out to be... read more →


We are giving away one of our one of a kind, brand new, school readiness, family engagement… DREAM BIG IMAGINOLOGY GRAND KITS!!! ENTER HERE for your chance to win!

Do you believe in MIRACLES?

I DO! After 23 years, I’m a Mom for the 3rd time! Dear Friends, When I was growing up, I always imagined that I would have a lot of children.... read more →

Rubbing Shoulders with ECE Celebrities!

My workshop, Extroardinary Outdoor Science on a Shoestring Budget, was lauded with rave reviews at ECSTEM (Early Childhood Science Technology EMath) Conference in Costa Mesa this past weekend!  I had the... read more →

Twas the night before ECSTEM…

The night before the ECSTEM Conference in Costa Mesa, CA, family and friends were helping to finalize the assembly of my new creation, the incredible Imaginology Kits! Thank you so... read more →

Dream Big is Live!

"If society as a whole begins to embrace the struggle of learning, there is no end to what that could mean for global human potential." - Salman Kahn I am... read more →

Another Vimeo Video

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A Photo Gallery

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Vimeo Video

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Another Photo Gallery

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YouTube Video

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Regular Blog Post

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My Current Status Post

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Hello Feb

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Dirt Championship

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Views of the Burj Khalifa

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Clean Air

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Learn Something New

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Evening Rides

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Remote Places

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Water Town

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Maritime Shipping

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Cooking Courses

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