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Desired Results Developmental Profile

Welcome Teachers!

Below are some tools to help you with navigating the Imaginology Kit and all of its educational possibilities.

Here is a playlist of our “Kit Clips”. Kit Clips are mini investigations with our Imaginology Kit meant to inspire further exploration!

Download our DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile) document that explains how the Imaginology Kit can be used to evaluate 50% of the DRDP.

We’re Here to Help

Please  CONTACT US if you have any questions.  We are here and happy to help with answers, ideas, explanations, encouragement and more!

Share Your Experience

We also would love to hear and/or see YOUR ideas, successes, failures, stories and more. As part of the Dream Big community, we welcome and encourage you to share what’s going on with you and your kids, so we can all grow together! Send your comments to today!


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