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For Educators

What We Offer for Educators

We provide two types of services for educators.

  • Professional Development – Training for Educators
  • Educational Workshops – Book us to do a Workshop for Your Students

Professional Development

Educational Workshops

Professional Development

Training for Educators

We provide training for Teachers and Administrators. Using our years of experience in early childhood education, we show you exactly what makes a successful STEM curriculum.

We Come to Your Location

Institutions We Serve: Schools, Libraries, Camps (public and private) and various organizations.

Who This is For

This is for the educator that wants to bring our STEM program in-house and apply it themselves with their students.

Some of Our Teacher Training Programs at a Glance:

  • Big Outdoor Science on a Shoestring Budget
  • Big Science for Indoor Spaces
  • Integrative Student and Teacher Combined PD

Educational Workshops

Workshops for Students

Book us to do a Workshop for Your Students

Our trained workshop leaders guide and support students through STEM play, engaging them in an educational and entertaining program that will lay the foundation for future academic success.

Who This is For

This is for the educator that wants us come to your location and provide educational workshops for your students, walking age and up.

Some of Our Student Workshop Programs at a Glance:

  • Stretch, Sink, Float
  • Down to Earth
  • What Goes Up, Must Come Down
  • Out of the Box Thinking
  • The Great Ice Adventure



How Students Benefit from Our Curriculum

Our workshops and professional development offer a unique learning environment combining natural and re-purposed materials that:

  • Inspire students’ imaginations organically
  • Invite and encourage play for a sustained period of time deepening the value of children’s discoveries
  • Motivate young students to make connections by investigating and asking questions
  • Facilitate the growth of curiosity. As children are “natural scientists”, we elevate hands-on play establishing a strong foundation for learning
  • Promote independence through science education via a new lens which builds confidence in guiding their own discoveries

Booking a Teacher Training or Workshop is 1,2,3!

It’s easy. Simply contact us by email or by phone.

We get back to your promptly & schedule an exploratory call to understand your needs.

You will get a quote based on your needs, and you’re set to book your training!

We donate 5% of all of our income to our non-profit 501c3, Dream Big Science and Art Foundation.


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