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Why Educators & Administrators Choose Us

We administer a hands on, interactive programs that cover the “how, what and why” of open – ended STEM exploration in the classroom.

Participants gain the ability to create and implement their own STEM curriculum tailored to fit their classroom.

Our programs are built with YOU in mind.  They are cost conscious and include easy to store open-ended materials.

Educators realize the need to fully engage children by taking them out from behind a desk and into a world of STEM exploration.

Why Parents and Families Choose Us

In addition to child focused workshops, we also offer Parent and Me Educational Workshops.

We help lay the foundation for STEM education and future academic success by captivating children’s interest through educational and entertaining methods.

Parents appreciate that we offer an incredible amount of open ended materials for their children to explore, plus we guide and support their child through educational, open-ended play.

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